Brand Ambassador
& Influencer

I love working alongside brands I genuinely use, and truly believe in. Causes and brands that matter to me include animal welfare, natural beauty, holistic wellbeing, spiritual work, natural therapies, and anything that assists people in living their happiest, healthiest and best life.

It matters to me what I share with my tribe, as I always want to serve them with useful information and products that will genuinely help them. I am not an influencer out to make a quick buck. What I share really matters to me, and to them.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch and let’s chat about ways to collaborate.

Workshop attendee

Hollie just radiates positivity, beauty, happiness and magic. And I absorbed it all. She is so passionate about helping people and sharing her knowledge. I found it very uplifting and motivating. I left that room with the extra positivity and happiness I had been lacking recently.

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