Intuitive Readings

My 1:1sessions have helped hundreds of clients transform their lives - leave jobs they hate, call in their soul mates, regain their energy and health and passion for life.

A custom approach to guidance aimed at inspiring you to make the most of what is coming, I use intuitive reading and channeling to steer you in areas of your life including love, relationships, self, purpose, wellbeing, money and career.

Incorporating elements of crystal healing, oracle cards, essential oils and chakra work, teamed with my gentle coaching style, this is an all-encompassing session aimed to leave you feeling guided, inspired and light.

Readings are offered via Skype for those of you interstate, overseas or preferring to be read in your pyjamas.

Our readings will cover the following areas:

  • Energy and stress
  • Sleep
  • Career and passions
  • Relationships and family life
  • Home life
  • Body image and self worth
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Physical health
  • Goals and dreams
  • Soul, spiritual connection and intuition

You are able to record your reading to reflect on at a later time.

As a BONUS, all clients also receive FREE membership to my private online Facebook group THE WELLNESS HUB, where you will receive access to a range of additional reading material, inspiring articles and special ‘client-only’ offers.

If you have read this far along, something is speaking to you. There is no coincidence that you are here and reading this. Are you feeling the pull to work with me? If the answer is yes, I would love nothing more than to meet you and work together to reclaim your passion, your health and your excitement for life.

(I am fully educated and schooled in Essential Practices for Lightworkers and my intuition has enabled powerful shifts in my clients. I would love to create magic for you too.)

So how much does it cost?

Firstly lovely one, rather than seeing this (or any form of spend on your health or wellbeing) as a cost, I’d encourage you to see it as an investment in your overall wellbeing. Too often we think nothing of splashing out on a new outfit or decadent meal out, only for the burst of happiness that comes with it to be short lived.

Investing in your personal development is investing in a LIFETIME of health and happiness. And you can’t put a price on that (well, I can’t that’s for sure).

I see the best improvement in clients who see me regularly over a three month period, although I have also seen wonderful changes over a longer period of time, and in shorter, more intense bursts.

We are all unique and no two-clients I see are the same. It really is up to what works for you.


Intuitive readings need not be saved for 'once in a blue moon' or waiting until you reach a point of confusion to gain clarity as a last resort.

When delivered consistently, regular intuitive readings allow you to receive clarity, vision and empowerment - resulting in inspired action, momentum and significant, lasting change.

3 Reading package

Valid for use over 4 months
 (save $90)

6 Reading package

Valid for use over 12 months $900 (save $180 - get 1 reading free!)

One-off Readings

A single reading for $180.

Kate Johnston

Hollie is an absolute ray of beaming light. We quite literally went from “hi, nice to meet you” to “here is my entire life story” within about a minute of connecting – she is just the kind of person with whom you feel so comfortable, so supported and so loved. Hollie’s openness and generosity comes across in all areas – not only in her willingness to share her personal story and experience, but also in the way she aims to connect and inspire people, the way she goes above and beyond for her clients, and her very clear mission to genuinely help better the lives of all who cross her path. Hollie’s enthusiasm and passion for holistic wellness is so inspiring, and the delivery of her message – whether through speaking or writing is always engaging and compelling. I feel honored to work alongside Hollie and to consider her one of my dearest friends!

Kate Johnston
Naturopath / Clinical & Sports Nutritionist


Hollie has an incredible sense of character and a wonderful way of connecting with people. She has taken the time to truly understand my priorities, my passions and my fears, and has offered some wonderful suggestions of areas of improvement.

She lives by the mantra of self-love. She radiates this believe and has definitely taught me its importance – it’s something I now make sure is front and centre.

Would I recommend Hollie to a friend? Absolutely! Her ability to make you feel at ease, as well as provide you with reassurance and, most importantly, guidance, is amazing. I left every one of our sessions with a beaming smile on my face, and excited to tackle the road ahead.

Ready to find out more?

Book your Coaching Package today and get started towards reclaiming your passion, your health, and your excitement for life. Remember, all clients receive FREE membership to my private online Facebook group - THE WELLNESS HUB.