While public speaking and presenting is a common fear for most, I love nothing more than standing in front of a group of people and sharing my experience in wellness, health and how to live your best life. I have spoken for intimate corporate groups of 5, to large-scale festivals of 100+. I would love the opportunity to speak at your event. I also love MC and presenting work, with a focus on health and wellness events. For a preview of my speaking and presenting work see here.

Justyna, London

When initially reaching out to Hollie I was positively surprised by the fact that she isn’t a cold-call type of a person aggressively  trying to make you sign up for her services. By the time of my first session with Hollie I was immediately drawn to her warmth, positivity and contagious energy. I always feel like I’m talking with a close friend, yet she shows high professionalism and knowledge providing insightful tools, resources, advice to reach wellness goals along with her support and encouragement along the way. While doing so she is a great listener, non-judgemental and trustworthy which makes me feel at ease and comfortable to talk about different issues. Hollie’s story and her authenticity inspired me to open up and seek further help to tackle unresolved childhood issues – for this I’ll be forever grateful to her.  Moreover, I love the fact that she is not playing the ‘I’m perfect Hollie’ type of girl, which again creates a sincere coach-client relationship.  During our calls there are giggles as well as tears. I’m always excited beforehand our sessions and afterwards I’m buzzing with positivity and feel hopeful as she makes you feel that nothing is impossible to achieve. I’m finding Hollie’s sessions extremely helpful and would without a doubt recommend her services to anyone who wants to get their wellness back on track or take it to the next level!